Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I wish this was a post about starting seeds for the garden.  Unfortunately, due to an impending house remodel, (the little one is so big she needs her own room!) I will not be starting any seeds in my house this year.  I have a ton of seeds which will be planted directly in the garden this year, but my tomatoes, cukes, and most likely summer squash, will have to come from the local nursery this year.  I don't feel too bad, because the local nursery is not a chain store, and the owner lives (and starts his seeds) only about 5 miles from my house.  I am looking at this as an opportunity to support a local small business.  But of course, if anyone close has extra seedlings that need a new home, I would be happy to be a foster-gardener!

I have been watching the snow melt, ever so slowly, and my garden is starting to come into view again.  It is making me ache to get my hands in the dirt!  I have so much to do this spring, and waiting for that snow to melt is a slow torture for me!  Fences have to be moved, compost needs to be added, and I need to get the greenhouse ready for its new beds!  At least the greenhouse will be productive this year!  Last year it was out of commission due to it needing a new location in my yard.  Now I just have to build the new beds inside, and fill them up from the lovely compost pile I have been nursing for a few years now!  I'm so anxious to see the green and smell the plants, I can't hardly contain myself!  Hopefully my next post will be about getting those garden prep chores out of the way.

Bring it on, Spring.... I'm waiting!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wonderful, Glorious, Sunshine!!!

The sunshine is pouring into my living room right now.  I can feel it warming the back of my neck, which means that the sun is actually close enough to feel warm again!!! Spring is coming, people... what are you planting right now?