Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A dinner worth writing (ok, bragging) about...

First off, I just had to share this picture with you!  Playing in the rain!

Tonight's dinner just had to be shared!  

We start with the halibut, caught on my Dad's boat last week out of Seward.  This picture is of my Father-in-Law, who should be very proud of himself!

Here it is again, just thawed.

Turnip greens, Spinach and Kale, from the garden.

The halibut is seasoned with olive oil, lemon and curry powder, dried onion, and fresh green onion from the garden.

A nice cup of tea while I cooked, flavored with milk from the local dairy, and local honey I bought at the farmers market.

Sauteed the greens with some olive oil and minced garlic.

Halibut is baked until just flaky.

The finished product, and it was SO yummy!  The boy kept stealing the greens off my plate!

How's that for a sustainable, local, completely chemical-free dinner?!

In other news, I changed the front path from the driveway to the deck.  I had a flower box up against the wall before:

I moved the flower box and the bench that was on the deck:

I like the feeling of sitting in a little garden that you get now when you sit on the bench.  It also freed up a little room on the deck.  What do you think?


  1. Oh your dinner looks yummy. Beautiful fish cooked up. Never ate halibut, but what a catch. Bet your FIL had a blast bringing those in. I get excited by a tiny blue gill, lol.

    The boys looked like they had a fun time playing in the rain, so cute.

    I like your new look. Your table and chairs look more social and inviting where as your bench and flower garden look more of a private sitting. A time to relax and enjoy the garden box and the view. But at the same time it adds more size to your whole outdoor area , expanding your deck having a pretty entrance.

    You made two outdoor rooms that can be used as one big room. Its far enough for two sets of conversations yet close enough to engage in a group. Hope that makes sence.

    The fun part about container gardens is you can move them like furniture. But by the looks of your garden box you don't want to move that to many times, heavy.

    Happy gardening

  2. Totally a dinner worth bragging about! Isn't that satisfaction amazing, when you've provided all (or most) of the food yourself? I'm pretty sure it makes the meal taste even better. Great work!

    And adorable boys - looks like they were having a fantastic time out getting wet!


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