Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snow on the horizon...

Looking out my window this morning, I can't help but notice the snow that is slowly creeping its way down the mountains.  Although the last few days of rain and cloud cover have produced some warmer fall temperatures, there is no denying that winter is knocking at the front door.  Its time to finish up the garden, clean up the yard, and make any repairs to the house that have been pushed to the back burner.  Its the time for baked squash, yummy fall soups, and the family favorite around here, pot roast with roasted root vegetables.

I have mostly stopped eating red meat, as I find that it sits in my stomach like a rock for far too long, but I'm not going to deny the rest of my family the option.  I just make myself something different on the days I make roast for the rest of my family.  Do you make more than one meal at night, to satisfy the different tastes at the dinner table?


  1. Interesting question, and one I've struggled with as my desire to eat meat has diminished. I don't mind stews so much, but roasts and steaks and burgers are just completely unappealing. So I avoid cooking meat as much as I can, going for veggie meals and seafood as much as possible. But when the meateater cannot be denied, I make particularly tasty sides that will do for me as a meal and will do for others as an accompaniment for the meat. So it's still sort of one meal, but one where I'm mostly going to eat the side and not the main. A side and a salad and maybe some cheese is a meal that makes me perfectly happy.

  2. Yes... and then I make he do :Fend for Yourself Day!"


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