Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Home-Made Bread...

Most of you have probably noticed that the cost of groceries is starting to get out of control. Prices are always high in Alaska, so this just compounds the problem. Bread is one of the things that is most noticeable to me right now. A good loaf of bread, even the grocery store brand, is running between $5 - $8, and its bound to go up more. I have written in the past about my favorite bread book, but I think its worth sharing again. I am not paid in any way for this post, and the authors of the book have never contacted me.

First off... this is THE book.

(I'd be willing to bet that your local bookstore or library will have a copy as well!)

I bought this book a couple of years ago, and have not made any other bread since then. It has a ton of recipes, and its fantastic because I can make a rustic bread loaf, pita bread, even awesome sweet rolls... all from the same batch of dough!

 The bread from last nights dinner...

Breadsticks to go with some homemade bean soup tonight...

My son has recently discovered a love of clam chowder, so I'm going to teach him how to make it, and some bread bowls to go with it!

Do you have a no fail bread recipe that you use?

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