Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest in full swing!

Despite the month long cold/wet spell we had, my garden is providing surprisingly well for me.  Yesterday I harvested 3 more quarts of snap peas, which I steam blanched and put in the freezer.  I got several summer squashes as well.  I decided to go ahead and pull up all the squash plants, as I was still fighting the gray mold issue, although the ones I harvested today were ok.  After I pulled the squash vines, to my GREAT surprise, I pulled out a cucumber hiding in the back that is as big as my forearm!  Holy Moly, where did that thing come from?!  There are LOTS of other cucumbers as well which are looking healthy and delicious.

The eggplant is very close to opening its first buds, which I assume means I WON"T be getting any actual eggplants this year again.  I'll let them keep growing until the frost kills them anyway, because the blossoms are quite lovely.  The tomatoes are growing like crazy, but I have no red ones yet.  They will probably have to be brought inside to ripen... no worries there.

I officially ate my first green beans yesterday as well.  They are growing FAST!  I will have to pick the first batch this week for sure, and probably a second by next week.  Dilly Beans here we come!  I'll be freezing as many as I can get my hands on as well.

The Brussels Sprouts are sprouting, the cabbages are almost ready to split, and the Broccoli is seeding, attracting all sorts of beautiful insects to its blossoms.  I pulled most of the lettuce as it is finally going to seed, and the Kale is looking awesome!  I'll wait until after the first frost to process that.

I don't think I'll get any turnips out of the second batch, but it looks like there will be plenty of greens to harvest yet.

I'm sitting here this morning, watching the fog which was a thick as pea soup slowly burn off and make way for what appears to be some sunshine!  I might even get a load of clothes out on the laundry line today!  Fall is most definitely in the air... I can feel it and smell it.  Almost time to turn on the heater!

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  1. Jamie - so glad to hear that your Alaska garden is providing a good amount of fresh veggies for you! As many of us in the lower 48 complain about the heat waves, I wondered how you Alaskan gardeners were doing this summer. Too bad your eggplants (probably) won't produce fruits, but I like how you look on the bright side to appreciate the pretty blossoms.

    Happy Fall (almost)!


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