Saturday, September 11, 2010

Great Day in the Garden!

I plopped Lily in the stroller today, determined to get some vegetables out of the garden before the first frost, which I anticipate to be any day. 

None of the tomatoes were red, but I picked them anyway, as one frost will destroy them, and they ripen quite nicely on the counter top anyway.  

 There were many more cucumbers than I expected, even several hiding amongst the tomatoes!  

 And the greenbeans, ah, the greenbeans...  I got a ton, and left a ton, figuring that I will probably get one more harvest out of them.

I also have 3 more cabbages to harvest, as well as turnip greens and lots of kale.  The brussels sprouts are very small, and don't expect much of a return on them, but we will at least get a few!  The chard is growing now, which is interesting, since it didn't grow an inch all summer!  The peas are ready to harvest again too, which I will do in a few days.  All in all, I would say that this garden has been rather successful, considering it is only year 1.  Next year will be that much better!


  1. Your veggies look great! Hey, don't forget, you can always make "Fried Green Tomatoes" Wow, where has the summer gone? It seems like you were just planting.

  2. I've actually never tried any "green tomato" recipe. I probably should, considering how many I have! This summer definitely went too fast.


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