Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting over some frustration...

I've been silent for a little while now, and I want to talk about why. A week or two ago, a blogger, whom I considered a friend as well, crossed over the line with me. I was accused by this person of stealing a recipe and claiming it as my own. Mind you, it was a recipe I have been using and tweaking for MANY years, it was NOT the same as her recipe, and the blog post she made a few years ago with her recipe was NOT a post I had read before. This frustrated me incredibly. I was approached with anger and resentment for something I didn't even do, and in fact I had shared some of her ideas on my blog before, giving her full credit and providing a link to her blog each time.

I want to make it very clear to you all... when I share an idea or recipe that belongs to someone else, I will ALWAYS provide a link and credit to the originator. If I make a recipe out of a cookbook, I generally share the finished product along with a picture of the book I got it out of, and not the actual recipe, so that you can get the book if you want to make the same thing.

I also want to make it very clear that when I do share one of my own recipes, I WANT you to use it, tweak it to suit you, and share the results! I see this blog as an opportunity to share and learn with each other. Please share my content, and credit me if you feel it is warranted. We can't build this community if we are focused on attacking and accusing, and when those accusations prove false, it weakens a path that could benefit everyone.

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it, there's lots of unintentional recipe duplication on the internet. Just by random chance its going to happen. Its like Mcdonald's suing someone for making home fries. To bad though the other person got freaky about it, instead of saying wow, what a coincidence, yeah, I love that dish, here' my version. Oh well.


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