Monday, November 12, 2012

Turn Off Your TV!!!

About 3 years ago, my husband decided he wanted satellite television. We had been TV free for about a year, and I was doing just fine without it, but we DID hook it up, and started paying that ghastly monthly fee. Ever since that day, I have been trying to get him to turn it back off.

I don't like television! The last year especially, I have noticed my children begging for everything they see on every commercial. I have seen commercials play in the middle of children's programming that are COMPLETELY inappropriate for children to see. I have watched shows advertised for younger kids that send out completely inappropriate messages and values. I have flipped through hundreds of channels, over and over again, only to find that there is nothing to watch. The price has gone up, while the number of channels has gone down. In short, I am very unhappy with the service!

This weekend, however, something awesome happened... my husband agreed with me... and we turned off the TV! The satellite service is CANCELED!! He finally saw what I was seeing, and decided that for our family, the right decision was to get rid of it! We still have movies, and the internet is available if we want to stream a particular show, but the crappy reality shows and the over the top commercials are gone!

Have any of you decided to take back control of your home from the obnoxious advertisers and network executives? Do you miss your TV?

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