Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uh oh, its early, but I've got the itch!

It is official, I have caught it. That seasonal disorder whose symptoms include sketches of chicken coops and garden plans, seed catalogs and hatchery fliers. I catch this bug every year about February or so, and this year is no exception. It all started with 4 seed catalogs arriving in the mail. Now I have to really plan out my garden and decide what I want to plant this year. I say I am going to take it easy this year and just grow a few things I have success with, and one or two that I need to learn about, but that plan never seems to work.

My husband thinks I'm crazy. He got home from work last night to find library books about raising chickens and building chicken coops spread all over the bed, with sketches of the new garden layout and chicken coop, all enclosed in a nice chain link run (that I used to use for my dogs, but don't really need now that I'm down to just one mellow old friend.) I even have it designed to have a door between the chickens and the gardens so that I can let them in every fall to fertilize the dirt for me! I'm fairly sure that Rob is going to build me said coop this year, and I need to make sure I know exactly what I want for the day he says its time to build it!

I'm glad that my husband humors me, even if he thinks I'm just a little bit nuts!

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  1. Hooray! I've been trying to leave comments for months, but this window would never work for me.
    I'm with you on the husband thing. My husband humors me as well and occasionally gets the bug (he got really excited about straw bale homes). It's nice to have a supportive husband, even if they think we're crazy most of the time!


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