Monday, February 22, 2010

What the heck are those things?


Those, my friends, are dryer balls!  They eliminate the need to use those nasty, chemical-laden dryer sheets.  And they actually work!  Of course, I would rather hang my clothes outside on the line, but in winter in Alaska, that just isn't going to happen.  These are definitely the next best thing!  They really do stop 95% of the static electricity, and they can be used over and over again!  Gotta love it, especially when used in conjunction with my homemade laundry soap!


  1. i dog handled in talkeetna one winter. the folks i worked for hung their laundry out on the line (at 40 below) and in one day it would be 85% dry. then they brought it in and finished it off on an indoor rack by the woodstove. i guess the cold air is so dry that 1. it static electrifies your clothes in the drier and 2. it freeze-dries clothes nicely.
    of course, if you get an indoor rack like the one my MIL got me (i posted about it months ago) you can skip the double hanging trouble. plus, in a dry climate, all that moisture going into your house air is a built in humidifier. good for your lungs i hear.

  2. We have so much humidity in our house that we have to run a de-humidifier so that the windows don't grow mold, so winter indoor drying would be especially counter-productive. I have heard of folks drying outside in winter though... they are more dedicated than I am!

  3. Now you've got me giggling! I almost posted about the dryer having "blue balls" LOL

  4. Oh interesting, I'd always wondered about those.


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