Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Whole Other Post...

Rhubarb - you either love it or you hate it, but if you haven't had it in a long time, try it again... it might surprise you!

I LOVE Rhubarb. My husband thought he hated it. Then I made him a rhubarb crisp from rhubarb fresh cut from my garden. My husband LOVES rhubarb! I had been thinking about buying a few to plant this year, as well as transplanting the one I have to a better location. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have frozen and canned rhubarb in the middle of winter! I just remembered that on the back 5 acres I have several rhubarb plants growing, which I haven't even looked at in about 2 years! I can simply dig them up and put them up with the garden, and give them all the love they deserve! Not to mention that they most likely could be divided! I read a blog about rhubarb producing which has gotten me interested in that avenue as well -

Does anyone have any growing tips or recipes for rhubarb?


  1. So this whole time the comments haven't worked! I think I have it fixed now...

  2. It's hard to tell someone that their comments don't work when their comments don't work. A good way to get more rhubarb plants is to divide your current plant. You can simply cut off a fist size piece of root using a spade and replant in a new location. It'll take a couple of years to get established but if you are satisfied with your current variety there is no need to but more plants. Also, care to share your laundry soap recipe?


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