Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dreaming of soil while looking at snow...

All the gardening blogs I read are talking about starting their seeds.  This, I think, is the one thing I don't like about Alaska... our short growing season.  Our average last frost date is June 1, so most things don't get started until the end of April.  I suppose I could let things grow a little longer inside, if I can get my seed shelf set up properly.  I am just itching to grow something. 

I'm a little nervous about trying to start everything from seed this year.  I haven't had the greatest success so far.  But I do learn a little more each year, and this year will be another learning experience, if nothing else.  This will be the first year that I will be in control of the seedlings... in years past I have always started them at my mother's house.  It will be nice to be able to check on them daily and to make sure that the lights and other growing conditions are really to my specifications, rather than depending on someone else to remember/care enough to do it properly.  I'm not saying Mom has done anything wrong with the seeds in the past, just that it will be nice to have that daily control.

I was watching a video earlier today of an interview with a woman who sells seedlings at the local farmer's markets.  She was talking about how everyone wanted heirloom tomatoes.  She said she tells everyone that yes, the heirlooms taste better and look prettier, but "you don't want to spend $5 per seed".  She repeated that about 5 times.  First of all, the seeds DO NOT cost $5 a piece.  And second of all, initial cost is not the only factor!  Yes, you will spend SLIGHTLY more the first year, but then you will be able to save the seed each year!  It just amazes me how people can find one tiny little obstacle and refuse to look beyond it.  YES, I want heirloom tomatoes, and if you don't have them, I will simply buy them somewhere else! 

Speaking of seeds, if anyone locally has some seed they want to swap, I have some Blue Shrimp Flower seeds I saved from last year, and I would be willing to trade half of them.  I originally got the seed from the Alaska Botanical Garden when I did some volunteer work there a few years ago.  They did beautifully last year, and I'm sure they will do well again this year.  Leave a comment or email me if you are interested!


  1. Hi Jamie -
    Check out my husband's garden blog on starting seeds He has a great little seed starting setup with pictures. BTW we are just down the road from you in Wasilla. :)
    M a r n a

  2. Hi Marna! You are right, he does have a great setup! Thanks for dropping by, and tell your husband to keep posting... I'm following!


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