Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Garden Notes

Yesterday I transplanted the sunflowers and zucchini into bigger pots.  I made the pots out of recycled newspaper, and they are perfect!  I will post some pictures as soon as I have new batteries for the camera!  The eggplant, tomato, and cucumber haven't sprouted yet, but other than that the seedlings officially have a 100% germination rate!  Amazing!

Husband and I had a talk about chickens last night.  We decided that we really need to wait one more year, because we need to have the coop set up BEFORE I bring them home.  I am moving/changing my whole garden this year, and that will be the main spring project.  I am a little disappointed, but it only makes sense.  He promised to help me get the new raised beds all set up, so that will be nice to have the help. 

I am absolutely itching to get into the dirt now.  The temperature has gotten into the 40s for the last 10 days here.  Dare I say, spring has arrived?!?!

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