Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1st Broccoli Harvest

I'm so excited to harvest my first head of Broccoli today.  Again, this is a first ever, not just first this year! 

I made sure to leave the side shoots untouched so that they can continue to grow.  This will be a chicken and broccoli stir-fry, and most of the rest will go in the freezer once it is harvested.  I think I need to grow much more next year, as I can see that this won't last long.  My son is drooling over the raw flower as I type! 


  1. Congratulations on your first broccoli harvest. I am not able to grow spring broccoli here but last fall I grew some lovely broccoli in raised beds under row covers. The flavor of home grown broccoli is amazing! I'm also hoping to plant much, much more next time.

  2. Congrats Jamie Congrats! We both did it this year! Now I am just waiting on the corn and cabbage to mature.

    I took 3 little head of Broccoli myself this past weekend. I also took all my cauliflower heads.. over 7 of them.

    If you put the Broccoli in the freezer, don't forget to blanche them.

    Oh and is the cat still murdering the poor little rabbits?

  3. The broccoli was delicious, but my husband was upset that I cut it! He apparently has been sneaking into the veggie garden when I am not paying attention and admiring the produce. LOL But he got over it soon when I told him that 4 of the 6 cabbages are ready to harvest. Right before we went to bed last night he decided he wanted corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight!

    And, so far, so good. Not so much as a dead mouse has appeared since I put the collars on the cats, and they are royally pissed off about it! I think it was just what we needed, because I can hear them coming from all the way across the yard now!


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