Monday, July 12, 2010

The garden can't be stopped!

I just got back in from the garden, after finally having a chance to do a little upkeep.  The sun is out and Lily was happy in the stroller, so I took some pictures too!

Laundry line doing its job!

Sugar Snap Peas are blooming

Squash taking over...

I trimmed it back a LOT after I took these pictures.  The plants are less crowded now and seem much happier, and the cucumbers can breath again!

Happy little zucchini

Little cucumbers

The eggplant seems happy, but no blossoms yet

Tomato plants

The first of the tomatoes!

Broccoli and Turnips loving the sun.  I thinned the turnips by about half after taking this picture, and I will probably be pulling the rest within the next 2 weeks.  There is another row of them just starting their second set of leaves, which should provide me with greens for the rest of the season, and might even have time to bulb up!

The broccoli is producing a good head, with several secondary buds further down

Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts are both getting huge!

Green Beans are starting to pick up the pace now, but now blossoms yet

Here's the Kale, Spinach, Lettuce and Radishes.  I had just picked the last of the second planting, and will be planting round 4 there this evening.  I also pulled the remaining spinach plants, giving more room to the Kale which is a bit crowded by the Broccoli here.  I blanched the spinach and froze it, which was the first official food storage from this years garden!


  1. Oh my goodness, your garden is gorgeous! Love all these photos, looks like everything is just thriving. Wonderful job!


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