Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy Rhubarb!!!

So, Rob and I walked down into the lower 5 acres after dinner tonight.  I found 11 rhubarb plants, each needing to be divided.  And I bet once I divide them I could get 5 plants out of each one!  They have been there for probably 20 years, and I can see that they are actually in a raised bed of sorts, which is terribly over-run by weeds at the moment.  I also found a second raised bed (they are more like raised rows really, 20 ft or so long) that used to have raspberries in it.  The soil down there is looking very good, although still sandy.  I bet I could cultivate all my rhubarb and berries, and have a large potato patch as well!  It will be a few years, but there is a definite future here!


  1. hi! I'm just finding your blog, but this is really cool! This is on your property?! What a piece of history you're uncovering - and lots of rhubarb pie to boot!

  2. Yeah, on my property. And it turns out they are closer to 30 years old! I harvested them Friday and am making Rhubarb/Red Currant preserves this afternoon!


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