Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its a jungle out there!

The garden is going absolutely crazy!  I officially have squash on all of my squash plants now.  The picture below is the first squash harvest, not only of the season, but of my entire gardening career!  I have NEVER gotten to pick a squash off of my own vine before!  And man was it tasty!

The spinach has finally started to bolt.  I have been pulling the plants as the flowers appear and adding them to the compost pile.  Once spinach starts to bolt, the leaves get more bitter, so we won't be eating much more this year.  I would plant another round, but I simply have no room in the garden!  And that is not a bad problem to have!  I do wish that I had planted the spinach where the kale is, and vice versa.  The broccoli is starting to cover the kale, which is now leaning to the side where the spinach plants were.  It will all work out, but it gives me something to remember when planting next year.

The first group of turnips are finally starting to bulb out as well!  Soon I will be pulling that row, making more room for the broccoli to grow and for the second group of turnips to get bigger.  I'm also getting ready to plant round four of radishes.  They are growing better than I could have wished for, and they are a very tasty treat in my daily salads.  I can't wait until I get to add the tomatoes and cucumbers!

The broccoli is doing amazing as well, forming beautiful heads which will be quite tasty, and will fill the freezer nicely.  The green beans seem to have made a full recovery from their bug attack at the beginning of the season.  They are showing the first signs of blooming, which is very exciting.  And last but not least, the snap peas are blooming like crazy!  We are going to have a TON of peas this year!  Canning season is going to be happening before we know it... time to get prepared now!

What is everyone else harvesting right now?


  1. Hi Jamie,

    Is that an 8 ball squash? It looks very tasty. Is there zucchini bread in your future? Maybe we can veggie swap some zucchini.

  2. Yup, that's an 8-ball squash. It was very good, and I will definitely be growing these again next year. I'm sure I'll have extra zucchini, as I have 8 plants. We should do a veggie swap for sure!


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