Thursday, July 22, 2010

1st Cabbage Harvest!

Today we harvested our first cabbage!  Once Robert got over the fact that I harvested the first broccoli ("don't cut it, I want to see how big it will get!  Hunny, we have to cut it or it will just go to seed and then we won't be able to EAT it!") he decided that we needed to have corned beef and cabbage tonight!

Its bigger than his head!  And the first thing he asked is, "can I eat a leaf now?"  (Proud Mom Bragging)

Its like a jungle in the hothouse now!

And finally I can show off a few more of my flowers!  The rose bush is blooming...

And remember the old raised beds that I turned into wildflower gardens?  Take a look!...

What are you harvesting right now?


  1. The size of that cabbage head is really impressive! How was corned beef and cabbage? And your boy is a cutie. I'm also loving your flowers in the garden. Most of my newbie gardening efforts are directed at vegetables right now, but I would also like some flowers for color. I'm coveting your colorful flower bed right now!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following it, and allowing me to discover yours. I also think it's really cool that you're in Alaska. I'm amazed at all you Alaskan gardeners with your extreme weather!

  2. Mmmm. Cabbage. That cabbage sure looks nice. My oldest son will cut a big slice of one and eat it for a snack. I'm surprised someone doesn't go into the sauerkraut business local. Flowers look good too.

  3. Your Veggie Pictures are making me hungry! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your son sure looks happy to have that beautiful head of cabbage!

    I'm harvesting mostly just tomatoes, Swiss chard, edemame and french filet beans, and...that's about it. There are some melons growing that I'm excited about (charentais and black diamond watermelon). Oh, have some basil and herbs of course. Not much else I guess.

  5. ooh, I knew there had to be more. I have lots of peppers - pepperoncini, cayenne, jalapenos. :)


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