Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

So, today is Earth Day. You sure wouldn't know it around here (my area, not my home.) I read 3 "local" papers, and NONE of them even mention it! I go to the websites that say they can help find events in your area, and generally, Alaska isn't even listed! So what will we be doing today? The lights will be turned off all day, like they are every day around here. The heater will be turned off all day, like it is every day, now that the temperature outside is above 40 F. We will be playing outside, and doing some preliminary gardening, which we would be doing even if it wasn't earth day! I guess we don't need to celebrate a special "Earth Day" at my house, because we are trying to live like EVERY day is Earth Day. Hopefully the same thing is happening in households all over America. Maybe the majority of us are just realizing that what we do impacts so many things, and we are all trying to do better on a daily basis? Lets hope so!

On the garden side of things... the forecast is calling for rain and snow tonight! SNOW!!!! ARGH!!! Although I love Alaska, she really tries my patience this time of year!

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