Thursday, April 23, 2009

I actually got something done!

Even though it isn't much, I feel like I actually got something accomplished today! I got my compost fencing moved so that I can start this years compost pile, which I've been needing to do for a few weeks now. I started a pile last spring, which I will turn often this summer, but I will only add this summers scraps to the new pile. By next spring, last years pile should be ready to till into the garden. I also got the three semi-permanent planters in front of the front door all weeded. I would have turned the dirt, but it just started raining, and seeing as its only 42 F outside, I figured that could wait until tomorrow. At least its something! I want to do so much more, but its just not warm enough outside yet to be comfortable, and I have to take it somewhat easy as I am in the third trimester of this pregnancy now. I can't wait until this baby is born!

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