Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally, some seeds sown!!!

Today I finally planted some seeds! They were all planted in peat pots, two seeds per pot. I plan on keeping only the strongest of each pair.

For the greenhouse:
1. Eggplant
2. Green Bell Peppers
3. Assorted Chili Peppers

For the garden:
1. Cabbage
2. Broccoli

I will be planting a second set of Cabbage and Broccoli, as well as Zucchini in about 2 weeks, and the Pole Beans, Carrots, Snap Peas, Spinach, Kale, and Beets once the raised beds are warm enough and the danger of frost has past. How exciting!

On another note, we awoke this morning to another inch of snow, but that fresh inch and another inch or so has since melted. Lord give me patience!

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