Monday, April 13, 2009

Will it ever end?

So it snowed again yesterday... twice. And I'm not talking a little snowflake here and there, I'm talking silver dollar sized flakes, a whole army of them! I take some solace in the fact that it didn't stick, and that really, the added moisture will make the thaw that much faster, but come on! Snow on Easter?! I miss summer soooooooo bad!

I have decided that my 3 tiered planter is going to be totally re-done this spring. It has a few scraggly raspberry plants in it, and a few rose bushes, but mostly weeds. I'm going to salvage the roses if I can, but we have wild raspberries all over the property, so there will be no love lost there. Now I just need to decide what to plant instead! And that's always the fun part! After I got my vegetable seeds this year, I tossed the seed catalogs, for the sake of un-cluttering, but now I wish I had saved them! Although I buy my seeds locally (they are more likely to be Alaska-appropriate that way,) I have found that seed catalogs are a great way to get ideas. I guess its time for some internet research!

On another note, I almost have Rob convinced that chickens are a good idea... well, convinced that it is something that I can handle, and that after he builds a coop, his responsibility for them will be over. I think he thinks I'm a little crazy, but hey, he's a city boy from California, so what does he know about this stuff anyway?! :) I don't want a huge flock or anything, only 4-6 chickens. Just enough to keep us in fresh eggs, and to provide some chicken poop for the compost pile and entertainment for the kids. I can definitely handle 6 chickens!

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