Thursday, April 30, 2009

The last of the pre-garden starts are in...

I finally got the zucchini seeds potted today, this is the last of the seeds I will be starting early for the garden. Everything I have started so far is doing very well, with the exception of the eggplant. Out of the 12 seeds I planted, only 2 have sprouted. I am now debating if I should start some more, or just stick with the 2 that are doing well and find another plant to fill the remaining space in the greenhouse. I'll give them another week or so to make an appearance before I make up my mind. Since, due to space issues, my starts are currently residing at my mother's house, I wonder if her care (or lack of) has something to do with it. Mom always means well, but sometimes she does what she thinks is best, regardless of how it should actually be done. All I can do is cross my fingers... only 3-4 more weeks until all those little seedlings go into the raised beds!!!

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