Friday, May 1, 2009

Being 5 is great!!

Stephen was excited to help me in the garden today. I was feeling particularly low on energy, so we decided that we would empty last years flower pots into the wheelbarrow and get the soil ready to re-use. He had so much fun making dirt "cupcakes" and helping me remove roots that he hardly realized he was learning something also! We talked about the cycle from dirt to plant to compost back to dirt, and he said "Hey, its kinda like recycling!" I was tickled that he maybe listens to me after all! We talk about recycling and reusing everything we can, saving energy, using reusable bags at the grocery store, growing our own food, healthy foods that we can eat every day versus foods to only eat once in a while or hardly ever, etc. I may have a little homesteader on my hands! Not to mention his kid sized garden gloves are soooo cute!!! It will be great when we get our chickens going, he is really excited about that, although I don't think we will have any before next spring. If we can just get the coop built this year, I will be happy!

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