Friday, May 29, 2009

More happenings in the garden

The snap peas and the green onions are poking up all over the place. They seem to have appreciated the last 2 days of rain. It isn't raining at the moment, and I can see a little bit of blue sky in patches here and there, so we might be back to our warm weather within a few days. It also appears that 2 of the 3 Blue Shrimp Flower seeds that I planted are finally sprouting! They have been at my Mom's house, where she has kept them inside. She forgot and left them outside last night, and sure enough, they seem to like the colder weather! Hopefully I will be able to do all of the seeds at my own house next year, and have a little more control of what happens to them. I need to go back to the Alaska Botanical Garden (where I got the seeds, while volunteering) and ask them a few more specifics about the shrimp flower. They are such a beautiful plant, and I want to make sure I take proper care of them!

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