Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So much done, yet so much left to do!

Today was a very productive day for the garden!!! Here is a list of all I did:

* Bring all the starts (except the Blue Shrimp Flower) home from Mom's house
* Transplant the Eggplant
* Transplant the Assorted Chili Peppers
* Transplant the Bell Peppers

Purchase and pot the following:
* "Lemon Boy" Tomato (2)
* Cilantro
* Lemon Basil
* Rosemary
* Sage

It was very difficult to restrain myself at the greenhouse, but I managed to walk away spending only $17, which is amazing! I have a feeling I will be supplementing the garden with a few veggie starts from the greenhouse (which, by the way, look about a million times better than my home-grown starts,) such as purple cabbage and cauliflower, but we will wait until I have everything in the ground to see how much room I have left in the raised beds.

Tomorrow my brother is going to come over and help me get the remaining 4 raised beds prepared, as it is proving to be just too much for me in this late stage of the pregnancy. I anticipate, weather permitting, that I will be planting the outdoor veggies this weekend. We will see. Until then, they are living in the greenhouse at night and will be coming outside during the day to start acclimating to the beautiful spring weather. I also plan to get the auto-watering system set back up in the greenhouse and at the raised beds. Once that is done, we will be all ready to grow!!!

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