Friday, May 8, 2009

Poor kid.. :(

Poor Stephen is so sick today. I had it yesterday, and apparently I gave it to him. The little guy has been running to the bathroom or bucket all afternoon. He very rarely gets sick, so its not something he is used to, and it kind of scares him. Right now he is lying on the couch with a towel for a pillow and another for a blanket. But despite it all, he insisted on planting his sunflowers today! He chose Mammoth Grey Stripe because they can get up to 12 feet tall. We planted 4 of them in recycled yogurt cups and they are now sitting happily in the sunshine in the kitchen window sill. On the topic of starts, all of my zucchini have made an appearance, which is very exciting! 2 of the Lily plants are in full bloom as well, so its time to start hardening them off during the day. Soon they will live outside exclusively, and they are coming to my house from my mother's this weekend. Still not time to plant the garden yet, but it is 64F outside as I type, so that's encouraging!

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