Monday, May 18, 2009

What a great weekend... mostly

Sunday was a great day, for the most part. We always put the boat in the lake to make sure it is working properly before we put it in the river and this year was no exception. Its a good thing we did, as there is definitely something wrong with the motor. It worked just fine when we took it out of the water last season, so its hard to say what has happened. It runs fine until it hits 3500 rpm, then it boggs down really bad. Rob is extremely bummed as he was planning a King Salmon fishing trip for next weekend. But despite this issue, we had fun puttering around the lake and had a great little picnic in the sun. There were huge trout everywhere, and they were lots of fun to watch! Rob also found time to install my no tresspassing sign at the driveway, and to get some of the trim on the guest cabin, which is really starting to look nice... I can't wait until its painted!

I got the soaker hoses installed in the raised beds, and got the rows marked where I will be planting the spinach, kale and carrots. I also got the spinach and kale started in little flats in the greenhouse. I decided to do this rather than direct seeding so that I can control how many plants are in each of the raised beds without having to thin the seedlings. I'll probably start the pole beans in the greenhouse as well, but I have to be careful as it is a small greenhouse and I have only so much room to work with. The lilies are now permanently outside of the greenhouse, as they appear to have gotten sufficiently used to the night time temperatures, so its nice not to have to move them back and forth every morning and evening.

Its going to be another beautiful day here in the garden... who knows what else I will find that needs to be done!

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