Thursday, May 14, 2009

The garden is officially ready for summer!

My wonderful little brother came over today and finished preparing the rest of the raised beds. I got the weed fabric on the last bed that needed it, and I got the greenhouse organized, and the watering system all set up! I am officially ready to finish planting the garden this weekend! I have the cabbage, zucchini and broccoli in the greenhouse at night, getting them used to the outside temperatures, and I plan to have the whole garden (except the pole beans) planted by this weekend. I think I will be making some minor adjustments to the layout, as far as what is planted exactly where, but other than that, its all planned and prepared! I'm so grateful to my brother, as I realize now that finishing the preparation just wouldn't have happened if left entirely to my own devices. I'm just to darned pregnant to do any serious bending or lifting, but it shouldn't stop me from planting! I'm so excited!

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