Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honestly, I got nothing done today...

I did absolutely no work in the yard or garden today... gotta take a break once in a while! Tomorrow I have to post my "No Tresspassing" signs apparently, as we had someone come right up to the house at 11pm last night and after stopping to check out my boat, they proceeded on to the back trails. I don't own 10 acres so that I can accomodate random 4x4's, and it really upsets me that people have no respect for what is obviously private property. Makes me wanna build a big fence. But I digress... here's some random pictures of the yard...

Springtime in the Greenhouse!

Lady wandering among the raised garden beds... I need some grass!

My newest addition... a water fountain, with the almost-blooming Lilies... I love the sound of running water in the garden!

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